Royal Arch Masonry and Redwood Chapter 3411

So what is the Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem and what is Redwood Chapter, 3411?

Royal Arch Masons Redwood 3411

Once a Brother has been raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason, he is eligible to join the Royal Arch, the completion of his Masonic Journey and the gateway to another world of Masonic Orders “should he so desire”.

The journey continues where the Master Masons’ degree left off with the rediscovery of King Solomon’s Temple and the spiritual journey contained therein.


The same central tenet of a belief in a Supreme Being is required for entry and that of being a Master Mason for four weeks and upwards.

Meetings are referred to as Convocations and many Lodges have a Chapter attached to it. In the case of Redwood Chapter, 3411, it draws its “Companions” from Redwood Lodge, 3411, but also benefits from working closely with another successful Craft Lodge in Surrey, Upper Thames, 6138. It also has the benefit of attracting other Joining Companions from other Lodges, Chapters and indeed Provinces. The result is a happy, thriving Chapter, enabling Companions to extend their Masonic network of friends.

The Chapter was consecrated in December 1909 and is looking forward to its Centenary Convocation!

Once a Companion of the Holy Royal Arch, many other Masonic Orders are open to be explored such as Knights Templar, the Royal Order of Scotland, Royal & Select, Rose Croix and the Allied Masonic Degree to name just a few.

Redwood Chapter 3411

Redwood Lodge has a Royal Arch Representative, W Bro. Geoff Davis, who can explain more and facilitate your application to join Redwood Chapter or you can visit the Province of Surrey website





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Surreys' Premier Masonic Lodge, Consecrated 1909 and still going strong

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