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The Masonic Charitable Foundation is a major new charity, that has just launched.
The Foundation will take over the work of the four central Masonic Charities, providing a wide range of grants to Freemasons and their families who have a financial, health and care or family need.
The Foundation will also award grants to other charities, medical research studies and disaster relief appeals.

Funded entirely through the generous donations of the Masonic community, the Foundation will have an annual charitable expenditure which places it amongst the largest charities in the country.

The Foundation will be financially strong, well-resourced and able to respond more effectively to the changing needs of Masonic families and other charitable organisations.

This website provides information about:

The support that the Masonic Charitable Foundation will provide
The review and consolidation of the central Masonic Charities (CMCs)
The grants provided in support of other registered charities
The latest news about the Masonic Charitable Foundation and the existing Charities
How to make a donation to the Masonic Charitable Foundation
Frequently asked question

Click on the filling link and fill out the form to get your lapel pin.

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