Members Of Redwood Support The Foundation Clubs Poker Night

Last month saw The Foundation Club hold its annual Poker Night at Sutton Masonic Hall. This event attracted masons, non masons and even “Aces” a professional poker player from the TV show “Late Night Poker”. Thankfully “Aces” was a gentlemen and taught us a trick or two, without taking our money. There was fierce competition throughout the  evening, but ultimately it come down to a show down between myself and Nick the chairman. Nick won! The top three decided to donate their winnings, minus a round, to charity, so with the raffle a whooping £595 was raised for Charity. £555 went to the 2019 Festival and £40 went to support TLC Teddies For Loving Care. Sam from the committee sat this one out, however he was working the floor and got a sign up for mark masonry and another for a past masters lodge. All in all it was a suburb evening enjoyed by all.

To find out more about Surrey’s Light Blues Club The Foundation Club, please visit and to join please visit

To find out more about the charities mentioned please visit the following links

2019 Festival

TLC Teddies For Loving Care





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