Redwood Lodge – We Sow the Light of Old

Redwood Lodge has been meeting in Surrey for  over 100 years and can claim to be one of the oldest lodges in the province.  We have been meeting in Glenmore House in Surbiton since 1921. Freemasonry means so much to its members, and we hope to use this site to put some myths to rest, tell people what we are up to, and perhaps encourage others to join. Continue reading Redwood Lodge РWe Sow the Light of Old

Freemasonry and Social Media

No one can deny that social media has had a massive impact on how we interact in our day-to-day lives. Brands, companies, groups, individuals, friends and family are all shouting for our attention in the digital space. Continue reading Freemasonry and Social Media

Redwood support the Foundation Club

FC-Logo1The Foundation Club, is a new Provincial Initiative created to give new Freemasons in Surrey a means to meet and socialise, with like-minded people of similar stages in their masonic careers. One of its first events was a family BBQ held at a pub in Epsom. Continue reading Redwood support the Foundation Club